Model No.︰SPH104
Brand Name︰Soway
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

The hall switch of SP104 has a very sensitive to magnetic filed,  simple structure, and small size, wide responsed frequency , huge change of the output voltage and long service life features. and has been widely used in measurement, automation, computer and inforamtion techology. 

     This hall switch is contactless and has no mechanical wear . With a clear square wave ,no shaking, no rebound, and high repeated accuracy.


model number SPH104
output contact form normal closed
input voltage 2.8-24V
working temperature -30~+80℃
structure type unipolar type
housing material black  ABS-FR 
pouring sealant EPOXY resin
cable length 200±10mm(can be customized)
terminal case XH-3P(can be customized)
terminal XH-2.54 (can be customized)


Outline size:



1、input working voltage: 2.8-24V.

2、the switch can be triggered by N pole only.(there will be no reaction while S pole closing).

3、the switch is normal closed type (high level output) , it equal to the input voltage while in no magnetic field. 

4、it will output 0-0.3V voltage as the magnet closing to the switch sensing side.

Be caution:

1. in order to avoid the situation of can't working and bluntness,  please don't assembled the switch on a magnetizer. 

2.  this switch can not be stricked and dropped.

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